CIEMT- Paramedic


The only prerequisite is an American Heart Association (AHA) or Red Cross BLS CPR certification. We offer the AHA BLS CPR training on the first day of the class in the course (if needed) after rules and regulations. You do not need to complete that training prior.

We do not offer any federal aid and because we don’t offer units towards a degree the GI bill at present cannot be used. However, we will accept payment from any organization that offers student scholarships, so long as the payment is made out to CIEMT in the exact tuition amount.

Bring your note-taking stuff, dress appropriately for the CPR training (considered a Skills day, see dress code question below) and bring the $40 cash if you need a CPR card to be issued to you from us. If you already have a CPR card, bring it with you so we can make sure it’s the proper level, and bring a copy to hand in for your file.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation at the time of registration, however, your spot in the class is not secured until a payment has been received. If you receive a receipt of payment from a Credit Card or Debit Card or ACH payment method, then your registration is confirmed. If you send a money order or personal check, as soon as we receive it you are confirmed in the course. Aside from the initial registration confirmation and course information packet, CIEMT does not send out any other emails or mailings regarding your enrollment. You will receive course documents and more information on the first day of class.

As stated in the CIEMT course catalog, you may pay in full at the time of registration or a minimum registration fee listed for the course prior to the start date of the course you are registered for to reserve your spot. The remainder is due by the start date of the course. If the deposit is not made before ten working days prior to the start date of the course, you will be removed from registration. See the CIEMT Course Catalog for current pricing.

From the menu select the program in which you would like to enroll. Within that program page there are multiple course options that you can choose from for different dates, locations, etc. Once you've found he course that fits you best, you may add that to your cart directly from that page or view more details the page. On the view details page there is a red button in the top right to select the course. Once it's in your cart you may check out items in your cart at any time to lock in your registration and pay your registration fee.

All EMT Basic Programs are 21 total days of instruction. The night courses are all four weeks. The morning courses meet three days a week and last for seven weeks. The Start and end dates for each program given is posted under the registration link for each specific EMT Program. The Online Hybrid EMT Basic Program runs 11 weeks and has 6 “on site” training days at our Hawthorne location.

The Hawthorne Campus is located in the city of Hawthorne, near the LAX airport, at: 13933 Crenshaw Blvd. Hawthorne CA 90250.

Right after going over the rules and enrollment agreement on the start date of each course, CIEMT runs an AHA CPR/AED course. If you’re enrolled in the Long Beach/Hawthorne EMT course, you’re automatically enrolled in the CPR training. If you do not have a current CPR card from previous training, you will pay an extra $40 as a CIEMT student (discounted from the non-student rate of $65-$100), and a card will be issued to you upon successful completion of the training. If you have an acceptable CPR card (AHA Healthcare Provider or Red Cross Professional Rescuer. Please bring a copy for your file.), you will still undergo the CPR training with the other students on the first day, but you do not have to pay for it and will not be issued a new card from us. The Hybrid Online course students will have a separate day for a semi-private CPR/AED training (if needed) and will have to pay the full price of $65.

There are several different ways to pay for the course. If you wish to pay with a credit card, debit or ACH (electronic check) you may do so via the CIEMT web site after you complete the registration form. You may pay your second balance by check, cash or money order. You may send the check or money order to our main campus office at 2669 Myrtle Ave. #201 Signal Hill, CA 90755, or pay via cash at the main office in Signal Hill/Long Beach. FYI: We do not accept checks for the full cost of the course on the first day of your program. (Please note on the check or money order the course start date and the registered students full name).

You may pay the registration fee via the CIEMT web site after you complete the registration form with a credit card, debit or ACH (electronic check). If you wish to pay your second balance via check, cash or money order. You may send the check or money order to our main campus office at 2669 Myrtle Ave. #201 Signal Hill, CA 90755, or pay via cash at the office. (Please note on the check or money order the course start date and the registered students full name). The full balance of the EMT Program must be paid by the start date for your course.

The short answer is no. This is a certification course and students are required to complete a specific amount of hours. All course material is vital to your training and no part of the course can be missed. However, students are given the opportunity to make-up ONE missed non-mandatory lecture class meeting. The hours and training must be made up at a rate of $40 / hour. Of the twenty-one days of instruction, six days are considered mandatory and are not eligible for make-up for any reason, those days being skills practical days and review days.

Once you successfully complete the program, you must take the State Certification exam (National Registry Exam). This is done at a separate testing facility. See the NREMT website, a link to it is on the bottom of our homepage. After passing the exam, you will take your NREMT card that they send you, your completion certificate from the EMT course, and your CPR card and make application to local EMS agency to get an EMT certification from the State. You will also have to complete the Live-Scan background check when you make application. Each county has and EMS agency, pick one. There is also a link to LA County’s EMS Agency’s website on the bottom of our homepage.

Almost right away after your course is over!!! If you wait over two weeks to take the exam your chances of passing are greatly diminished. It’s a computer-based exam that you will take at a Pearson View testing center. There are several in the L.A. County area. Make sure that you are registered and paid for the exam before the end of your course to ensure timely authorization from CIEMT to sit for the exam.

Clothes would be good. The only dress code for class is that flip flops, or short skirts, are not permitted on skills days. There is, however, a dress code for your clinical ride-along. The ambulance company that you choose will dictate exactly what you will need to wear. General dress code is: Dark blue or black paints, white button down shirt and black boots.

You will choose from several ambulance companies that CIEMT has contracted with to perform your ride-along. These are scheduled outside of class time, at the discretion of the ambulance company and you, with regard to availability. You must have them completed by the designated date for your course, which will be set by the CIEMT program director. If the clinical hours and contacts have not been completed by the designated date the student will not complete the course.

In California, for most positions, you are not required to renew your NREMT card. (If you want to, you can. This will require twice as many CE hours, which will increase the cost greatly). You must renew your state certification that you applied for through your local county EMS agency. State certifications are renewed every two years and require 24 hours of CE (continuing education), a valid CPR card, and a skills validation exam. You may do that by coming to any 3 of our regular lecture classes (7 hours each, the scheduled dates for each year are available for registration and payment on our website and are $40 for each 7 hour class). For renewal you must also attend Skills Validation Testing session that we give at the end of each month (dates, registration and payment are on our website and are $95 which includes 6 hours of CE if you pass all skills). If your certification is expired, you cannot work as an EMT, but you can still renew by doing the following:

Up to 6 months expired:
24hrs CE, a skills validation and a valid CPR card (same requirements as a timely renewal) 

6mo-12mo expired:
36hrs CE, the skills validation and a valid CPR card

12mo- to forever expired:
48hrs CE, a skills validation, current CPR card and retake the NREMT

You may do all 40 hours (CE and Skills Testing) at our Long Beach Campus. That’s 40 hours of CE’s in total. Please remember 20 hours out of the 40 hours must be in specific subjects (Those specific subjects can be found on the NREMT website). You may also take a 24 hours Refresher course and do the additional hours required at the Long Beach campus with CE classes.

Each lecture class is $40 to attend, and the skills review and testing is $95. Therefore, a typical (not expired more than 6 months) renewal would cost you $215. If you need more CE hours, just do the math.

This means that regular registration for that start date is full. You cannot register online for a course that is full. You can, however, be entered into the waitlist. To be put on the wait list you must use the JOIN WAITLIST link and have an account with CIEMT. Here’s the way the waitlist works: If a class has not started and you receive a waitlist invite that means a spot has opened up, (IN THAT CLASS ONLY), the student will be sent an invitation link, as soon as you click on the link the class will automatically will be added to the cart (DO NOT DELETE THE CLASS FROM YOUR CART), the student has 4 hours of when the email invite was sent to pay the tuition in full, before the invite link is REVOKED and given to the next person in the waitlist.

Typically 4-8 students maybe added off the waitlist for each class. It is first-come, first served. The odds of getting in from the waitlist depends less on how many of students actually are on it and more on how many were able to go into the site register and pay immediately when we open spots. If the prospective student does not register and pay immediately the spot could be taken by the student that does. Notifications are all done electronically and sent to all prospective students email simultaneously to ensure fairness. CIEMT is not responsible for any errors in the email the student made registration when they registered

It varies, students on the waitlist have 4 hours from the time they are sent the email link to pay for a class in FULL. If a student fails to pay for the class in the time above the invitation will be revoked and sent to the next person in the waitlist, for that class.

Only at the Signal Hill (Long Beach) campus can you attempt to add a course by crashing (just showing up early on the start date of the course). If you were not able to be added to a course from the waitlist, you may still be able to get in. Come early to the scheduled start time, and put your name on the crash list. If anyone that has paid for the course does not show up on the first day, they forfeit their seats to students that are trying to crash. The crash list is first-come, first-served. You will need to be prepared to pay the full tuition amount with cash, credit card, money order or AHC (electronic check) if you are offered a seat in the course. No personal check for the full amount will be accepted on the first day on the program. You can however pay the registration fee ($250) with one on the methods above and pay the balance with a personal check.

You need to email [email protected]

First and Last name

Start Date of your course and campus

Last day you attended (if applicable)


* Cancellation and refund policy: STUDENT’S RIGHT TO CANCEL Students are required to submit a two-hundred-dollar ($250.00) registration fee as a condition of registration for the Initial Certification Program for EMT-Basic. Cancellation of attendance in this program will allow the student a full refund only if cancellation is made Ten (10) working days prior to the start date of the class in which the student has registered. If cancellation is made less than ten working days prior to the start date of the course, the registration fee is considered nonrefundable. Cancellation is defined as sending a date verifiable e-mail to the CIEMT course program directors e-mail address. If the provisions of cancellation described herein are not met the registration fee is considered non-refundable. (Matthew Goodman CIEMT Program Director, 562 989-1520, [email protected])


* Example: If a student withdraws from the CIEMT EMT course after attending 75 hours of program, the refund of tuition would be calculated as follows:

1. $1110.00 Course Fee - $2.50 STRF - $250.00 Registration Fee =$857.50

2. $857.50 divided by the number of hours in the program 146 Hrs = $5.87 an hourly charge for the program.

3. The amount owed by the student would be the hours in which the student attended the course 75 hours X the hourly charge $5.87 = $440.25 plus the registration fee of $250.00 equaling a student owed amount of $690.25

4. The amount in excess and refund to the student would be tuition amount $1110.00 – $690.25 the amount owed by the student, which would equal a refund amount paid to the student of $419.75.

If you have attended 60% of the program which calculates to Skills day 2 there is no refund.

Hybrid students will be given a date ON THE FIRST OR SECOND WEBINAR of when CPR will be taking place with CIEMT at the HAWTHORNE CAMPUS for $65.00, IF you can’t make this date the student must make sure to look for the correct level of training of CPR before their first SKILLS DAY 1. CPR card must be from (AHA Healthcare Provider or Red Cross Professional Rescuer)

Reach out to us thru our chat system Monday - Friday: 10am-3:30pm. Our email will come up on our chat system, send us an email and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.