Checking the Credibility of an EMT School

Published on: November 01, 2023

While it is important to put in hard work yourself when working towards your EMT certification, it is equally important to ensure that you select the right school for your goals. Read below to discover some of the best ways to check the credibility of an EMT school that you are considering attending.

The #1 thing to look for when checking out the credibility of an EMT school are their pass rates for the National Registry EMT Certification exam. CIEMT’s passage rate for 2015 and 2016 is in the 91%-95% percentile, and it is important to secure a school that has similar passage rates. It is equally important to check HOW MANY students attempted the exam (smaller numbers could be skewed by a select group of students)

The California Institute of Emergency Medical Training (CIEMT) has more graduates take (and pass) the NREMT exam than any other EMT school in California

CIEMT’s Number of Graduates Taking State Exam in 2016: 587

CIEMT’s Number Who Passed the State Exam in 2016: 567

CIEMT’s Number Who Failed the State Exam in 2016: 20

CIEMT’s Number of Graduates Taking State Exam in 2015: 569

CIEMT’s Number Who Passed the State Exam in 2015: 517

CIEMT’s Number Who Failed the State Exam in 2015: 52

Another important data point is how many students enrolled in and passed the EMT basic course. A high completion rate indicates a solid course with the resources needed for students to successfully complete and stick with the program.

CIEMT’s EMT Basic Course Completion Rate: 62%

Don’t get this completion rate number confused with the NREMT exam passage rate. A course completion rate in the 90% range would raise some serious questions to the validity of an EMT course in its ability to prepare students for the state exam. This 62% course completion rate speaks to the difficulty of CIEMT’s accelerated courses. These fast-track courses are not for everyone, certainly not for anyone who is not willing to put in hard work every day and seriously study outside of class time. Remember, our goal is not for you to pass the course, it is to prepare you to pass the NREMT exam so that you can go on to become an EMT.

Number of Students Who Began the Program: 1106
Students Available for Graduation: 1106
On-time Graduates: 685

While considering all of these data points, it is equally important to confirm where the EMT school is sourcing their data. At CIEMT, our data is sourced from NREMT, the licensing agency that administered the State exam, and can be easily verified on their website with the below information.

Name of Exam: NREMT
Institution Code: 80057779
Licensed by: California Emergency Medical Services Authority
Name of Program: Emergency Medical Technician
Institution Name: California Institute of EMT
Street Address (Physical Location): 2669 Myrtle Ave #201-203
City: signal hill
State: California
ZIP Code: 90755
Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

Finally, there are a few key pieces of information that are essential to ask an EMT school you are considering, as well as some questions you should have answered before enrolling.

Three important questions to ask your EMT school

Is CIEMT current with all assessments to the Student Tuition Recovery Fund?: yes

Is CIEMT current on Annual Fees?: yes

Has any accreditation agency taken any formal disciplinary action against CIEMT?: no

Other important information that is good to know about an EMT school

Number of Satellite Locations: 1

Does your institution participate in federal financial aid programs under Title IV of the Federal Higher Education Act?: no

Does your institution participate in federal veteran’s financial aid education programs?: no

Does your institution participate in the Cal Grant program?: no

Is your institution on the California’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)?: no

Is your institution receiving funds from the Work Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program?: no

Does your institution participate in, or offer any other government or non-governmental financial aid programs?: no

Number of Diploma or Certificate Programs Offered: 1

Number of Students enrolled in Diploma or Certificate programs at this institution: 1106

Number of Degrees or Diplomas Awarded: 1

Empowered with this information, we hope that you will be able to move forward with confidence with the EMT school of your choice.

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